"Told with lushly written prose and loving attention to detail, Leaving Little Havana wraps itself around readers like a much-needed embrace."

What's the Book About?

My experience reading this book was similar to when I read Cisnero's THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET. I knew I was reading a classic......Virgil Suarez, Author of LATIN JAZZ, THE CUTTER and 90 MILES.


Revolution uproots six-year-old Cecilia from her comfortable, middle-class home in La Habana  and drops her into the  low-income neighborhood of Miami's Little Havana. Her philandering father focuses on chasing the American dream of wealth and freedom, while her mother spirals into madness trying to keep the family together. 

       Neglected and trapped, Cecilia rebels against her conservative Cuban culture and embraces the 1960s counter-culture, seeking love and attention and her own place in America. How will she survive the odds?