"A magnificent portrayal of every facet of the Cuban exile experience. Haunting short stories convey the pain, longing and courage of the exiles." ....Dan Wakefiled

What's the Book About?

     Grieving for Guava revels in the unbroken ties between past and future,
Havana and Miami, and recounts the unintended generational costs of
immigration. Spanning six decades of the Cuban exile, these stories lay bare a
collective struggle to overcome the destabilizing effects of migration and
to reassemble splintered identities: A journalist returns to the island for a
childhood toy. An investment banker leaves Miami to open a bookstore
near the Malecon. A girl with cerebral palsy attempts to swim across the
ocean to reach her lost home. Cecilia Fernandez artfully weaves together
the complicated lives of her characters to produce an overarching sense of
yearning for the past, transforming grief into an even more powerful force: